The inaugural Moreton Bay Region Business Excellence and Innovation Awards aim to support commercialisation, business development, innovation and collaboration in the Moreton Bay Region.
Given the importance of innovation and business success to regional economies, this program also provides branding and awareness opportunities for our region, as a centre for innovation and business accomplishment.

Sesame Lane is just one of the companies that form the Misso Group. The Misso Institute and Think to Be are initiatives of the Misso Group and along with Sesame Lane, promote innovation and support not only our children, but members of the wider community to develop the mind and help us reach our vision to inspire learning early.

Sesame Lane Youth Innovation Excellence Award

We are honoured to present the Sesame Lane Youth Innovation Excellence Award which is open to young people aged 14-18 years of age to encourage and recognise young innovators who have developed innovative programs, practices, activities and solutions.