At Sesame Lane, we continue to ask our families what is important to them and we change to meet emerging or evolving needs. One area of focus is sustainability.

Wherever and whenever possible, our Services passionately adopt sustainable practices and principles and educate our children about them. We have long-ingrained roots in the Moreton Bay area and our Educators often attend council-run meetings on sustainability in business.
The children in our care learn the importance of being aware of and caring for our planet. We teach them there are two reasons why it matters:
  1. So that we can keep enjoying all our Earth has to offer NOW (environmental conservation)
  2. So that future generations can enjoy lovely weather, have plenty to eat and drink, and have beautiful places to play like we do (fairness and impact)
 At our Services, we create natural environments and our Educators promote and implement sustainable practices.
Our list of sustainability measures is growing and currently includes:
  1. Educating our next generations on the importance of sustainability and caring for our natural environment.
  2. Green cleaning products
  3. Bamboo nappies
  4. Recycling
  5. Watering the gardens with leftover drinking water
  6. Use of recycled materials
  7. Water and energy efficiency (‘Switch those lights off for me please, Ruby.’)
  8. Worm farms
  9. Veggie gardens
  10. Community gardens
  11. Up-cycling (re-purposing a discarded item in a creative way that makes it more valuable than the original. For example, painting an old piece of furniture in snazzy bright colours. The children love this idea!).