Narangba Children Saving our Planet for Future Generations

by Sesame Lane Admin on 29/07/2019 4:47:41 PM

Children and Staff at Sesame Lane Narangba Banyan Street have been awarded the Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Certificate for Early Learning Centre Waste Minimisation following a complete overhaul of their waste management practices. This is no overnight achievement, with the Centre signing up to the program in August 2017. Since then they have recorded a massive 57% reduction in waste volumes going to landfill. Staff attended regular workshops and continuously monitored their garbage and waste. The children have learned how to sort their food scraps for composting and worm farms as well as saving left over drinking water for the gardens and veggie patch. Staff and children alike have learned so much about recycling from the council’s program.



“Talking about recycling and reducing waste with your children can be a really thought provoking topic about their future.” Says Sesame Lane Service Manager, Barbara Field.

“Recycling is important, but we also need to teach our children that there’s more to it than just recycling. If we’re going to make a real impact we need to reduce the amount of packaging and waste in the first place, and get children thinking about what happens to waste after it’s collected by the garbage truck and the impact it has on their environment”.