Guide to getting away with kids these Easter Holidays

by Sesame Lane Admin on 15/03/2018 3:18:34 PM

Sound familiar? It is always a great idea to get away for the Easter holidays, in theory. A number of families use the first school break of the year to get away with camping (or driving holidays) being the top pick for most.
So, how do we make the trip (almost) as fun as the destination? Here are some tips and tricks to beat the skipping record player from the back seat.

Stocking up on all the fun stuff to keep them playing happily, things like books, puzzles, sticker books, colouring books and pencils etc. If you are finding yourself a little short of time to grab these things there are some genius companies out there that can do this for you. The Very Busy Bag offer bags filled with all the activities to keep the young ones entertained, with two age groups to choose from (2-3 years and 3-5 years), they’re perfect for the trip and if the inevitable Easter rain comes. can’t forget the trusty technology, make sure you load your iPad or tablet up with educational apps and their favourite movies or TV shows, headphones are also essential! If you don’t have an iPad or tablet, get your hands on a portable DVD player and some of their favourite DVD’s for the trip. You can grab these at a reasonable price from most major retailers.

Pack plenty of the kids favourite food supplies, ones that are easy to access for their little hands. Don’t forget the water too, preferably in a non-spill water bottle. Make sure you thing about what you decide to pack, messy food is not ideal for trips in the car. In the event of leftovers, zip lock bags or empty containers can store these neatly and ready for the next time they ask for a snack.

reaking up long trips for young kids might be a good idea, plan ahead and take a look at the map before leaving for any picnic area that you can let the children out to have a play and stretch their legs before getting back in the car. If you have time, spend the night in a hotel breaking up the long travel over two days gives everyone something to look forward to at the end of a long day driving. Always pack pillows and blankets in the back seat for the children to nap through the durations of the trip. Be sure to have your car serviced and check your tyres are safe before taking off, getting from point A to point B safely is obviously a key priority for the trip.

Lastly, have a fun! Have a wonderful Easter holidays with your family please remember that Sesame Lane Care and Kindergarten will be closed on both Good Friday and Easter Monday.