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The Best Educational Apps for Under 5's

by Sesame Lane Admin on 9/11/2016 1:32:17 AM
This generation of children are born into technology.  While you don’t want your children stuck on their tablets all day, they will need to learn how to use this technology. In fact, if they don’t know how to use a tablet by a certain age they might be left behind. We think that if they’re going to be on your phone or tablet, they might as well be learning something at the same time.
This article will give you the lowdown of the 5 best educational apps for under 5s, and their benefits.
Less guilt, more learning and fun!

The Benefits of Educational Apps

There are plenty of educational apps out there and a lot of them are free. We’re all concerned about them spending too much time on their tablets. It’s a little scary when your child uses the tablet more (and better) than you.
But what are the benefits to educational apps? And what should you look out for?

Hand, Eye Co-Ordination

There are loads of apps with activities such as tracing lines and teaching them to recognise shapes, words and numbers. Many apps give audio and visual cues meaning they have to navigate complex menus.
The earlier your child uses tech to learn, the better. It will always be a part of their education as more and more schools are using tablets and laptops in the classroom.

A Love for Learning

Using educational apps will link technology and learning from an early age. It makes their fun time learning time and there are more educational apps out there than ever.
As much as it’s always good to keep tabs on how much time your little ones are using tablets and computers, there are some wonderful apps that will really help your children flourish.

Early Reading Comprehension

Bringing visual and audio cues into a reading app helps children learn quicker.
It’s more interesting to them.
They enjoy bright colours, lights and sounds from day one so keeping them part of their learning experience makes total sense. And the types of apps you’ll come into contact with now are built for kids to enjoy and learn at the same time.

They Prepare Your Kids for the Future

Tech is constantly changing and evolving and so are kids. They learn at an alarming rate in their early years, so making sure they’re comfortable with technology is going to be a huge part of their lives.
Being tech savvy now will avoid them falling behind in the future.

Helps Kids Stay Engaged

Apps are interactive. They’re built to keep kids engaged. Whether they’re creative based apps, or more maths, science and logic based the focus is still the same.
This will help improve your child’s ability to concentrate, which is a prerequisite to them performing well in a classroom environment.

The 5 Best Educational Apps

They are an array of paid and free apps available for your child’s educational enjoyment. Here are the top 5 apps out there, right now!  

#1 ‘Busy Shapes’

 Created by the Edoki Academy this app is full of visual and audio cues to help little ones with their hand-eye coordination and recognition of shapes.
Your child works through an array of puzzles, with each level creating new challenges to overcome.
It is a paid app ($4.99), but it’s worth every penny and once you’ve bought it, that’s it, there are no hidden packages. It also has a neat feature to ensure your child doesn’t close the app and do anything they shouldn’t on your phone or tablet.
In order to come out of the puzzle the top left hand side of the screen must be pressed twice, and then a sum needs to be answered (e.g. 4 x 3). You can also takes the levels back to the beginning if they become too difficult. 


#2 Itsy Bitsy Spider  

This free app allows your little one to follow the spider on an adventure as they expand their reading, counting, singing, watching and listening skills.
Visually great and gives your little on the chance to learn about the environment and animals along the way. They can sing-along, recording their own voice


#3 Endless Reader

From the creators of Sesame Street’s The Monster and the End of This Book this is one of the ‘editor’s choices’ on the iTunes app store. It’s the free version app, but there are plenty of in-app purchases to explore a whole world of learning.
This one is recommended for ages 4+, but worth giving it a try if they’re a little younger. It will keep your little one entertained for years to come.
This app includes ‘sight words’ which includes the most commonly used words at school and in children’s books. It’s a great app to advance their reading skills to no end.


#4 PLAY 123

A free app designed to make learning to count as easy and fun as possible. It’s simply designed, which makes a great starter app for young toddlers.
There are loads of different objects to count along with and 10 categories to choose from. Does what it says on the tin. Awesome numbers fun.


#5 Avokiddo Emotions

This silly app will help your toddler learn all they need to know about emotions by dressing up, feeding, sharing toys with and interacting with the apps four different animal characters:
  • Zany Zebra
  • Shy Sheep
  • Jolly Giraffe
  • Modest Moose
It is $4.49 to buy, but worth it.
The app has 110 different props for your child to use to help your little one explore an array of emotions with great visual and audio cues. This app is all about learning social skills through play, which makes it beautifully unique.



It’s All Good

Technology is here to stay and it can be incredibly beneficial to your little ones learning.
There are literally thousands of educational apps on the market. With a little research you will find plenty of free and paid apps to help your child learn and have a bit of down time.
They are great if your little one needs a bit of a push to engage with numbers, reading, hand-eye coordination, or social skills. It can be difficult to know where to start when helping them out, but these apps are expertly created with a huge amount of research behind them.
Having your little one spend some time playing with these apps will do them a world of good. Let them have fun, you never know, you might love them too.