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From Kindergarten to Prep, is your child starting school next year?

by Sesame Lane Admin on 8/11/2017 3:26:43 PM
Starting school is not just about the first day. It’s a process that begins when children and families start to prepare in the year before, and continues as children experience their first days, weeks and months of school. The process involves a number of changes for children and families, and everyone reacts differently.

For some children the change brings excitement about making friends and learning new things, while for others the change can leave them feeling nervous and overwhelmed. You may reflect on your own school experiences and be reminded of the mix of emotions you felt when starting school.

Families play an important role in supporting children to manage the transition to primary school. With the support of your child’s early childhood educator and school teacher, you can help them to cope with the new challenges by developing their social, emotional and learning skills. Supporting your child’s skills in these areas contributes to their mental health and wellbeing.

How can you help prepare your child?
Attend school transition sessions: By attending these sessions you are helping your child familiarise themselves with their new environment and the other people who will be there with them.

Some schools offer extensive programs over a period of months or weeks, take advantage of these! Some programs invite children to attend play based learning sessions with other enrolled kindergarten students.

Talking: Talk with your child in a positive way about starting school. Monitor your child’s response to conversations about school and how they react. This will give you insight to how they are feeling and help you plan ways to support your child.

Books: Books are a great way for your child to become familiar with new routines, including the transition to school.

There are new friends to make, fun ways to learn, and lots of different things to discover.

Many children benefit from sharing a book that has been made especially for them, about starting school. Kidsmatter has some wonderful templates to help you create these stories. Templates are available here: 
To read this article in its entirety, follow the link below: