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Is Child Care All the Social Interaction a Child Needs?

by Sesame Lane Admin on 24/10/2019 9:05:47 AM
A social interaction can be defined as any exchange that occurs between two or more people - essentially, how we behave and respond towards those around us. In children this could include: toddlers playing together at child care, the interaction between your child and a family member, how your child reacts to strangers, and more.

Social interaction plays a significant role in a child’s development, including their:
  • Language skills
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Social skills
  • Confidence

Can Child Care Influence the Adult my Child will Become?

As adults, we instinctively know that social interaction is an important part of being a happy, well-balanced person. From our early days in child care, we’re inherently driven to cultivate friendships, relationships, and extended family circles, for the comfort and enjoyment they provide. Below are some of the reasons why...

Studies have shown a strong correlation between social interactions/relationships and health. The quality and quantity of a person’s social interactions can have an impact on: mental health, physical health, health habits, and even how long one lives!

In a study of 6928 randomly-selected adults in Alameda County (California) findings showed that, independent of health status and lifestyle habits, individuals lacking social and community ties had a higher risk of mortality during the nine-year follow-up period.   


Does Child Care Kick-Start our Need for Social Interactions?

Believe it or not, human beings look for social interactions well before child care. Did you know that the foundations of our behaviour and social interactions as adults begin from the moment of birth? From infancy, we start learning about how to become part of the complex social world we’ve been born into.

Because of the many unspoken and behavioural nuances of any culture, children depend on their interactions with other people to rapidly learn about the world around them. From mother / baby groups, to child care centres, and family-based relationships, children are constantly learning and engaged.

Why is Positive Social Interaction in Child Care Important for Development?

 Did you know that in just the first three years of a child’s life, their brain will grow to 80% of its full adult size? It is during this incredible learning curve that they establish emotional, physical, cognitive, and social behaviours that will last a lifetime!

This can have huge implications for a child, and the type of person they will grow up to become. As such, with a positive and supportive environment for social interaction, children can develop the behavioural habits that will help them to become healthy, happy, and well-adjusted adults.

As parents, knowing this can influence your approach to raising your children - from your choice of child care and schools, to family activities, and so forth.

How Can I Make Sure My Child Gets the Social Interaction They Need?

Every child is different, so their need for social activity can differ based on factors such as personality type and their individual likes or dislikes. By trying a variety of social activities, you can see how your child responds and reacts to these experiences, and simply choose the type and frequency of activity that feels right. After all, parents know their child the best!

Some great options to try include mother / baby groups, playdates with friends, and children’s sports activities. However, a perfect place to start is to choose a child care centre that focuses on providing children with a positive and supportive environment for social interaction. This might look like:
  • Learning programs such as languages, sports, music, and art
  • Centre values that encourage positive behaviours
  • Interactive projects that get children to work together - cooking, gardening, murals, and more
Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten is committed to providing a child care experience that encourages the growth and development of positive social interactions and happy, healthy learners.