School Holiday Craft - Craft stick bracelets

by Sesame Lane Admin on 25/09/2017 10:43:03 AM
What you will need:
  • Large wooden craft sticks
  • pot to boil water in
  • glass jar (or thick rubber bands)
  • paint, stickers, gems, glue, felt pens etc.

Step one:
Add your craft sticks to a large pot and cover them with water, bring your water to boil (make sure children aren’t left unsupervised around boiling water) and cook the sticks until wood is pliable, this takes approx. 30 minutes. Be sure to add plenty of sticks, in case some break in the shaping process.

Step two:
Remove the sticks one a time form the water and gently bend to fit inside your glass jar. Set on baking sheet and allow to dry overnight. Set your oven to 90 degrees and add them for an hour to finish drying them. 
(At this stage if you don’t have a glass jar, you can fit a thick rubber band around them and set them to dry, they wont be able to go in the oven however, so drying time is slightly longer)
bending.jpg       in-jar.jpg

Step three:
Once completely dry remove from the jars (or rubber bands) and decorate them! This example used glitter paint, you can use whatever you like, for boys it might be a good idea to paint soccer balls or decorate them super hero themed.
painting.jpg  finished.jpg