Surviving the settle

by Sesame Lane Admin on 6/09/2018 9:37:26 AM
Before going into Child Health Nurse, Jane Barry’s top five tips for settling your baby, it is important to remember why sleep is so important. When babies sleep they release growth hormones and restore energy amongst other great benefits. It is also important to have realistic expectations about your baby’s sleep, some days will just be better than others.

Nurse Jane Barry’s top five settling tips
  1. Follow your baby’s lead. If they are looking tired it means they probably are tired. If your baby is tired it’s highly likely they won’t feed well, not interested in playing and their concentration span will be little to none. If your baby is yawning, rubbing their eyes or grizzly, try settling them for a sleep.
  1. Cover your basics first. They will need to have full belly’s, comfortable and warm before settling. If your baby isn’t settling, double just your mental checklist to be sure you haven’t missed anything.
  1. Consistency and patience is key, babies will thrive in a home where there is routine and predictability. It may help to settle your baby each day sleep and at night time the same way.
  1. Self-love is important. Parents who all their energy to their children can feel as if they’re burning the wick from both ends. Eat well, sleep (when you can) and accept all reasonable offer of support.
  1. Always follow the safe sleeping guidelines when you’re settling your baby for their sleep. Head to for the most current evidence based recommendations.
If you feel like you have tried all of this and still not getting your baby to settle, feel free to come along to Sesame Lane’s Happy Healthy Playgroup this Tuesday (11th September) at 9.30 to listen to Sharon, from Embrace life, who is a child health nurse herself, talk about all things sleep. Head to the Facebook group to stay up to date