Your first day is a hugh experience for both yourself and your child. It's natural to feel anxious as this is a big change for your entire family. Our Service Manager and Educators will explain the process of dropping off your child and saying goodbye. At any time thoughout the day if you are curious as to how your child is going don't hesitate to call the Service and ask to speak to your child's Educator.

Within your first weeks at our Service our Service Manager would like to invite you for a 'cuppa catch up'. This will be a mutually arranged time that allows you to chat about your initial weeks at the Service.

We want to prepare you the best wa can to allow you to enjoy the experience and please remember we are here for you at any time.

Book a tour 1

Your Service Service Manager will happily take you on a full tour so you can get a feel for the Service, meet our Educators and children, discuss routines and have all your questions answered.  Don’t forget to stop by the kitchen to find out what’s on the menu for lunch!

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Stay and Play

We have an open door policy, so feel free to visit, stay and play as many times as you like.  Once you feel comfortable, we offer a free morning session, so you can leave your little one for a trial.


Apply for Child Care Subsidy

You should apply for Child Care Subsidy before submitting your enrolment forms to us. You can apply online through MyGov or find out more here.


Complete enrolment forms

Your Service Manager will be happy to assist you to complete your enrolment forms.  All families are asked to bring along for the enrolment process your child’s immunisation records and Birth Certificate; these will be copied and kept in your child’s records. Also a copy of your child's CRN number and parents CRN Number from Centrelink.


Prepare your child for their first day at Sesame Lane

Prepare your little one for their first day by encouraging their excitement!  It’s very important that a firm start date is set.  Your Service Manager and room Educators will prepare for the arrival of a new child, ensuring there are extra hands on deck to provide additional cuddles and support to each child while they settle into their new environment and routines.