Exclusive to Sesame Lane families, when you book for your intial 1 hour session you'll only pay $99 (reduced from $120).

Fluid Exercise Physiology offer a new program called Bone Builders, designed to assist people with or at risk of reduced bone mineral density (such as Osteoporosis and Osteopaenia).


What is exercise physiology?

Exercise physiology is the science of using exercise to treat the functions of living organisms through their physical, chemical and cellular processes. Research demonstrates that appropriate exercise has positive effects on the human body such as cardiovascular, endocrine, central nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

An Exercise Physiologist is a university qualified Allied Health Professional accredited with Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). Their enhanced understanding of the physiology of the human body allows them to use exercise as a treatment modality to prevent, manage and recover from chronic conditions or to optimise sports performance.

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