Kylee Sanson Personal Training is pleased to offer all new and existing clients who mention promo code Happy Healthy Families a 25% discount off any group fitness single transaction, PLUS a free KSPT nutrition e-toolbox.


*This offer is available for one (1) single transaction. Single transaction can be for purchase of a single session pass, duopass, unlimited weekly Platinum VIP pass, unlimited monthly Platinum VIP pass, 10 session multi-pass or a 12 week unlimited Platinum VIP Pass (saving you up to a whopping $93!)

Our E-toolbox includes a handy printable weekly meal planning template that you can customise for your family, deliciously healthy and nutritious recipes and snack ideas as well as a pin-to-the-fridge poster with our top 5 tips to increasing your energy and obliterating body fat.

To book a session or for more information please email, call us on 0422 394 538 or visit our website or Facebook page.