Working with children is a privilege and we take their care seriously. Your child’s wellbeing is central to everything we do at Sesame Lane – including what nourishes their growing bodies.

Happy Healthy Learners are what they eat. At Sesame Lane they only eat the best!

Healthy eating and your child: the start of a beautiful relationship
The concept of healthy eating is introduced early and embedded in our culture. Away from the table, children are given many opportunities to explore their relationship with food. These may include growing veggies in our Service gardens or being involved in cooking demonstrations.
A four-week rotating menu of meals and snacks is provided for each child, including three hot lunches per week to ensure plenty of variety and exposure to new flavours. Each menu meets 50% of daily nutritional requirements in accordance with Nutrition Australia Queensland’s dietary guidelines for children.
Throughout the day, your child will be offered food from all the essential food groups. Vegetables and fruit feature heavily and typical protein sources include sausages, beef mince, diced chicken, pork, kidney beans, baked beans, tuna, lunch meats and eggs, plus cheese and yoghurt for their daily dose of dairy.
Who designs the menus and prepares the food?
All edibles are freshly prepared by trained cooks in our Service Kitchens using locally sourced seasonal produce where possible. Our dedicated Food Services Coordinator oversees menu development and food preparation practices in line with the strictest food safety standards.
Sample daily menu:
Morning tea Seasonal fruit platter
Lunch Chicken stroganoff with rice
Afternoon Tea Tipperary squares with fruit and vegetables
Fluids Milk and water
Late Snack Sandwiches
What are mealtimes like at Sesame Lane?
Sharing meals with friends and loved ones is one of the best things in life and at Sesame Lane, mealtimes are fun and social events. Laughter is always a big part of proceedings and children are invited to choose their food and serve themselves.
They also actively participate by helping to set the table, plate the meals and clear the dishes, which makes them feel very grown up and helps develop their coordination.
Wellbeing tip: in our experience, even notoriously fussy eaters respond enthusiastically to new flavours when surrounded by their peers. Naturally if your child won’t eat a certain meal, we will provide an alternative.
Special dietary requirements
Vegetarian meals are available on request and we keep strict records of all allergies and intolerances. If your child requires a special diet for any reason, we will work closely with you to ensure they’re getting the nutrition they need.

*All our Services are nut-free.


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