Cooking Experiences

Cooking experiences are offered across all Sesame Lane Services by our wonderful Children's Cooks. From taste and texture testing in the Nursery to making their own lunches in the Kindergarten room, we have embedded this important life skill into our daily routines within the Service.


Each week, our Children's Cooks visit different rooms to provide cooking experiences on a rotating basis for our Happy Healthy Learners. The children will be able to sample their cooking and depending on the item, they may even get to take some home.

Cooking and preparing food is a very important life skill. Forming a positive experience with fresh foods is so important because healthy foods are the foundation for good nutrition. Children will also learn basic cooking skills that they can use for the rest of their lives.

How will my child benefit from Cooking Experiences?

There are so many benefits to cooking with children, but here are just a few that our Cooking Experiences provide:

  • Cooking and eating is fun!
  • Cooking develops self-help skills. Life as a young child is filled with relying on other people to take care of you and other people being in charge. The simple lesson of learning to make yourself a snack is very empowering! Children learn they can feed themselves and others.
  • Cooking is a way to talk about healthy ingredients and learn what's needed to make recipes.
  • We use cooking to introduce math concepts like counting and measuring. We talk about how food changes with temperature or how certain foods can help our body be heathy, providing a great science lesson!
  • We engage the senses for those who might be hesitate to try new foods. Children can explore foods when cooking with other senses besides taste, helping to build a positive association with food. Children who cook become children who taste, and sometimes eat.
  • We talk about following recipes and instructions to ensure our dish turns out correctly. If you add too much or too little this will change the taste of the dish.
This is just another way Sesame Lane inspires learning early

Group Cooking Experiences

Encourages team work and communication as children work together.

Cooking is for all ages

Children from the Nursery right through to Kindergarten and our School children are involved in cooking experiences.

Children's Cooks

Our children love to interact and learn from the important people who run our Service kitchens.