Sesame Lane's Healthy Learners 

     Yoga Practices
      Sesame Lane Educators in all rooms embed yoga practices into our routines with children from the Nursery right through to school children. Yoga postures provide creative ways to access, explore and move every part of the body. When we can develop an understanding of  how something functions, the motivation to care for it will also develop. Yoga helps to develop coordination, balance, strength and proprioceptive awareness along with knowledge of the mind-body connection and ability to feel emotions in the body.

    Owlbert’s Garden Program
    The Garden Program covers the full home economic cycle from planting, growing and caring for fruit, vegetables and herbs through to harvesting, preparing, cooking and of course eating the yummy healthy food. Owlbert’s Garden Program have children involved in planting, caring for and nurturing the Service gardens and worm farms, while learning the importance of composting and recycling.

Cooking experience
     Cooking experiences are offered across all Sesame Lane Services by our wonderful Children's Cooks. From taste and texture testing in the Nursery to making their own lunches in the Kindergarten room, we have embedded this important life skill into our daily routines within the Service. Each week,  our Children's Cooks visit different rooms to provide cooking experiences on a rotating basis for our Happy Healthy Learners. The children will be able to sample their cooking and depending on the item, they may even get to take some home.