Junior Kindy

Children grow so much in our Junior Kindy, where 2 to 3 year olds gather to forge sweet friendships and focus on building life skills.
Our caring early childhood Educators know just what to expect and what to look out for with this tender age group, as they become more aware of themselves and the world around them by the second.
In line with milestones identified in the Early Years Learning Framework, the program helps children unearth a sense of identity and fosters first connections with others.
Junior Kindy outcomes
Our Educators are mindful that this is a crucial age developmentally. They teach, guide and support children as they begin to:
  • Play together
  • Engage in simple ‘make believe’ play
  • String 2 to 3 words together
  • Expand their vocabulary
  • Refer to themselves by name and say ‘mine’
  • Ask lots of questions
2 days per week is recommended to support each child’s involvement in the developmental programs.

Feeling a sense of wellbeing is forefront.

Children are encouraged to take increasing responsibility for the own health and physical wellbeing, ensuring self respect is instilled from an early age.

Belonging, being and becoming.

Supporting children in fostering a strong sense of identity and self awareness.

Children developing a love of learning.

Curiosity, confidence, creativity and imagination are just a few traits nurtured in all our children.

Exploring through group play-based activities.

Beginning to understand that symbols and pattern systems have meaning. Exploration is key!