Music & Drama Program

Arts appreciation is an important component of early childhood education. The arts are the first tool that children use to make meaning of the world around them. It’s one of the first communication tools that young children engage with.

For this reason, Sesame Lane has partnered with Red Music Centre to offer all children aged 18 months to 5 years weekly Music & Drama sessions. Red Music Centres music instructors develop and implement programs for each age group tailored to spark creativity, instil a love of music and movement and support speech and language development through a range of vocal exercises.

Red Music Centre’s enthusiastic teachers provide each child with the opportunity to develop drama, music and singing skills through the use of contemporary music, props, actions and hands-on routines in a fun and inclusive setting.

Traditional Music & Drama programs are adapted for children aged 5 and above, but at Sesame Lane we know how rapid and significant changes occur in each child during the first 5 years. When we make learning a fun and enjoyable experience, children foster a lifelong love of learning. Music and Drama has countless benefits for the mind, body and soul.

This program is exclusive to Sesame Lane and runs during school terms. Each term of the program brings new and exciting routines, exercises, songs, drama and role play.

Our Movement, Drama and Musical activities promote:

▪ Social interaction between children, their teachers and adults.
▪ Concentration and attention skills.
▪ Improved co-ordination.
▪ Confidence and self esteem.
▪ Body awareness and image.
▪ Communication skills and verbal development.
▪ Understanding of a variety of concepts.
▪ Expression of feelings.
▪ Listening skills.

This is just another way Sesame Lane is inspiring learning early.


Rhythm & beat, breathing, discovering our voices and how sounds are formed.


Spacial awareness, gross motor skills, coordination, learning how our bodies move.


Imagination, structured role play, assigning and accepting different roles.