Why Sesame Lane?

Preparing children for a future of learning

At Sesame Lane, we guide, teach and encourage. Our goal is to inspire learning early by supporting our children at every stage of their developmental journey.

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We prepare your child for a future of learning practically and emotionally. From new fine motor skills and those precious first few words, we celebrate every milestone and make the most of every learning opportunity. 

From the moment we first meet your child, through every learning experience, we encourage them every step of the way with specially tailored programs delivered by caring Educators.

We partnership with our families to encourage your active involvement in your child’s learning journey.  Our open door policy allows families to volunteer their special skills or expertise to share with your child and their friends. Each Service holds special events, workshops and information sessions to ensure families are involved and kept updated with what your child is leaning and experiencing at Sesame Lane.

Our Kindergarten Program

Sesame Lane is proud to offer the Government Approved Kindergarten program staffed by experienced, qualified early childhood Educators.

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Sesame Lane is proud to offer the Government Approved Kindergarten program staffed by experienced, qualified early childhood Educators.

In line with Government guidelines, Approved Kindergarten Programs are designed to support learning and development as children prepare for school. Children feel part of a little community and feel their way through the basics of social interaction, as well as mastering practical skills including the proper use of scissors, the art of sitting still, correct pencil grip and self help skills like unwrapping a packed lunch.  Being able to look after their own belongings and taking a trip to the toilet unaided are all essential school readiness skills.

Through play-based learning in a caring environment, an Approved Kindergarten Program helps children:

  • prepare for school socially, emotionally and physically.
  • develop a love of learning through positive learning experiences.
  • make friends and learn to cooperate with others.
  • become more independent and confident in their own abilities.

Our Japanese Language Program

Happy Healthy Learners are like sponges who absorb information and mimic behaviour at the speed of light. This is especially true with languages.

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Studies show that if a person is to speak a second language like a true native (with the right accent and inflections), it’s best to begin as early as possible.

Sesame Lane’s fully qualified teachers – Kayo Sensei and Mayu Sensei – introduce the concept of Japan and bring the language to life through songs, cooking, craft and other cultural activities.

The benefits

  • Activates the language-learning centre of the brain
  • Gives children an appreciation for international cuisine
  • Teaches cultural acceptance
  • Opens up future educational and employment opportunities

“Ah sumimasen! すみません” Learn more about our Japanese Language Program.

Our Music Program

Sesame Lane has partnered with Red Music Centre to spark creativity, stimulate learning and instil a love of music and movement.

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Rhythm, beats and notes aside (and regardless of whether they can technically carry a tune), experts say early exposure to music education has holistic learning benefits. 

Our weekly program includes singing, movement and acting classes.

The benefits

  • Boosts pattern recognition, mathematical logic and scientific reasoning
  • Teaches discipline and goal setting 
  • Demonstrates what can be achieved with practice
  • Means of creative expression
Learn more about our Music and Drama Program.

Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Happy Healthy Learners flourish when provided with a variety of foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

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Going beyond simple sandwiches, we provide each child with nutritionally balanced meals and snacks cooked fresh daily in our service kitchens.  We use locally sourced seasonal produce and guarantee at least three hot lunches each week. 

We speak to families and most importantly, the children in our care when designing our seasonal menus.

Our rotating menu is carefully developed following Australian dietary guidelines and Nutrition Australia Queensland (NAQ). 

Caring Educators

Caring for children and inspiring learning early takes a special sort of person. After 25 years in the industry, we know exactly who that is.

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By definition, every Sesame Lane Educator must be caring as well as qualified (or currently studying for their qualification). We pride ourselves on our rigorous selection process.

Before they begin work with us, all Sesame Lane staff must… 
  • complete an intense induction program 
  • provide proof of immunisation
  • hold a current Suitability Card
  • hold a current first aid certificate with current CPR

From our Educators, cleaners and assistants, to management and marketing, all our employees represent the quality care we provide – both on our premises and in the wider Moreton Bay community.

Keepsake Portfolios

At the beginning of the year (or upon enrolment), Sesame Lane begins work on a personalised portfolio for each child.

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Our Educators add to the child's personalised portfolio on a regular basis. At the end of the year, we present this to families as a momento to cherish.  A beautiful collection of milestones, achievements and adventures capturing your child’s early learning journey. Portfolios may include: 
  • observations 
  • photos
  • artwork
  • stories
  • conversations
  • reflections
  • descriptions
  • questions 
  • analysis 
Older children are encouraged to personally contribute to their portfolio on a regular basis.