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Owlbert brings online learning and connection to life through fun short videos for all the family.

Full of experiences, smiles, laughter and activities to spark creative thinking, learning, imagination and inventiveness in everyone!
Developed by Sesame Lane Educators, staff & friends, this is a place where you can learn and stay connected from anywhere, any time.
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For All the Family | Salt Dough Clay

Think of this as you would clay, you can make statues, decorations for special occasions or even a plaque for your bedroom door.

For Kids | Do the Hokey Pokey!

Get up, get active and join us for a few rounds at home!

For Parents | Miss Tiff cooks Country French Chicken

This recipe is by far the most popular on our menu! We get requests for it from families all the time.

For Kids | Baby Shark by Mr Dion

This is the best rendition of Baby Shark - acoustic version!

For Kids | Get Creative with Chalk Art

Everyone from toddlers to adults can get creative with chalk art. The best thing about this fun activity? It's easy to clean. The rules are, there are no rules!

For Kids | Five Little Ducks in Japanese

Miss Kayo and her grandson Louie sing Five Little Ducks in Japanese.

For Kids | Go on a Bear Hunt

Get the kids outside and bring the favorite Going on a Bear Hunt book to life with this fun and imaginative pretend play activity!

For All the Family | Children's Science Project: Germs!

This is an awesome science project for children aged from 3 right up to 12!

For Kids | Rock a Bye Bear in Japanese

Miss Kayo and her Grandson Louie sing us this classic Wiggles song in Japanese.

For Kids | Japanese Baby Shark Hand Washing Song

Our Japanese Language Teacher, Miss Kayo, teaches us how to sing the Baby Shark Hand Washing Song!

For Kids | kindyRock Twist!

Our Kindergarten children absolutely LOVE kindyRock! It's a fun way to get bodies moving.

For Parents | What is Schematic Play?

Miss Mandy, explains the importance of schematic play. Once you know what it is, you'll spot it in action at the playground and at home!

For All the Family | Roly Poly Painting

This one is for all the parents who aren't into messy play!

For All the Family | How To Make Goop at Home

Miss Rozi says that goop is one of the best things she's learned how to make as both a parent and an Educator, and today she's sharing her big secret on how to make it!

For Parents | Homemade Pizza Dough

There's something so satisfying about making a meal from scratch, and we all know children LOVE PIZZA right?

For All the Family | Hand Washing made Fun

We send a very big thank you to RedMusic Centre at Rothwell for helping us with the Owlbert the Owl Song!

For All the Family | Chalk Art with School Zone

This is an awesome activity you can try at home anytime!

For Parents | Perfect Playdough Recipe!

Squishing, rolling, sculpting, molding, young children love to play with playdough.