10-22 Lucinda St, Clontarf Qld 4019
6.30am to 6.30pm

Clontarf Sesame Lane opened in July 2004 in a redeveloped shopping centre. Our Service is adjacent to a quiet lane and park in beautiful leafy Clontarf suburbia. The quiet location of our Service gives a harmonious feel when you first enter. Our Service playgrounds have lush gardens that face the park giving a green cool atmosphere for children to play and learn. Being environmentally responsible is a big part of our philosophy.

Inside, our rooms are well resourced and our lay outs encourage and support learning. Our Educators have a reputation in the community for their warm and engaging actions to promote Happy Healthy Learners. Our goal is to provide a safe, caring and educational environment to realise each children’s best potential.

We have great respect for every family and know that children open up to learning when we have a sound relationship and partnership with families. Our families are central to our curriculum and are invited and encouraged to involve themselves in our Service in all facets. We have an open door policy that encourages families to stay and play as well as organised days on our calendar where families are invited to special shows and family days.

Children have the opportunity to participate and actively engaged in several programmes; our Japanese language with Senesi Ryo who incorporates our Japanese Language Programme through art , songs, language, cooking and craft plus our Music and Drama Program instilling a love of music, movement and singing.

Our Children’s menu is varied and delicious and changes according to the seasons and family input. Four meals are provided during the day – morning tea, Lunch, afternoon tea and late snack. We have a nappy service using bamboo nappies for children under 2 years of age.

We have close ties with several schools in the district both public and private to ensure a smooth transition to primary school. We operate a Government Approved Kindergarten programme for our 4 to 5 year old children. Our Before and After school programme caters for children up to 8 yrs of age and we service Clontarf Beach State School and Southern Cross Catholic College at Woody Point.

Please feel free to call by and telephone if you would like to take a tour or spend some time at our Service meeting our friendly Educators and experiencing our leaning environments first hand.

Our Service has all the benefits of long day care such as opening hours from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm, Monday to Friday. But the extra benefits are what really make this Service unique. The following are all inclusive of the daily fee;

  • Government Approved Kindergarten Program and educational programs developed through intentional teachings and children’s interests.
  • Free nappy and linen service for children under 2 years which includes disposable nappies along with bedding for nap time.
  • An exclusive Japanese program delivered by Senesi Rio, a fully qualified Japanese Teacher who introduces the concept of Japan and brings the language to life through songs, cooking, craft and other cultural activities.
  • A new exclusive Music and Drama program delivered by Red Music designed to spark creativity, stimulate learning and instil a love of music and movement.
  • Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks are cooked fresh daily in the Service kitchen using locally sourced seasonal produce.
  • Before and After School Care with free pick up and drop off to local schools. This service also provides Vacation Care during school holidays.


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10-22 Lucinda St, Clontarf Qld 4019
6.30am to 6.30pm
Therese Thomson
Service Manager / Nominated Supervisor

Qualification: Associate Diploma – Working Bachelor 
I view children as competent, capable, active and constructive beings that are dependent upon adults or more informed peers for learning, education and care.  I believe that young children need time to mature and develop knowledge of themselves in their world prior to the commencement of formal education.

I will encourage and support children’s interests and personal styles of learning, patiently allowing them to develop naturally and biologically.  Having been in the child care industry for 30 years in both NSW and QLD, I take on a mentoring role with respect to children’s growth and development allowing them to naturally unfold.  I encourage family involvement in our program and regular information exchange between home and our child care setting.

I also encourage the development of social networks between children and families.  I believe in respect of individual differences as they relate to ability, gender, economic status, ethnicity and religion.  I have a commitment to the next generation to teach and guide ecological and environmentally sustainable practices. 
I have been with Sesame Lane for 15 years, so you can be assured of continuity of care for all children under my charge.  In my role as Service Manager, I have a responsibility to provide high quality care to children, their families, my fellow Educators, our management team and the community of Redcliffe.

I will uphold Sesame Lane’s principals, values and promise to nurture and encourage Healthy Happy Learners.