Kippa Ring - Anzac Avenue

20 - 36 Regency St, Kippa Ring Qld 4021
6.00am to 6.00pm

Here at Kippa Ring - Anzac Avenue, our Service Manager Jodie creates a home away from home atmosphere for our Happy Healthy Learners. She believes in getting back to basics and connecting with the environment around us.

The playgrounds at Kippa Ring - Anzac Avenue have been recently completely renovated. There is a separate outside play space for the under 2's, allowing the older children to let out some energy when outside in the yard without disturving those children crawling or still learning to walk on their own two feet.

The new playgrounds were landscaped with back to nature in mind. While there's a giant sand pit and bike track for the children to enjoy, we've incorporated a bush tucker garden, a native bee hive and natural garden space to allow children to engage in play not limited by toys, but only limited by their imaginations.

We have all the benefits of long day care with opening hours from 6.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. But Sesame Lane's inclusive programs are what really makes us unique!

  • Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks are cooked fresh daily in the Service kitchen using locally sourced seasonal produce.
  • Free nappy and linen service for children under 2 years which includes disposable bamboo nappies along with bedding for nap time.
  • Intensive Swimming Lessons for Kindergarten children.
  • An exclusive Japanese program delivered by Senesi Kayo, a fully qualified Japanese Teacher who introduces the concept of Japan and brings the language to life through songs, cooking, craft and other cultural activities.
  • An inclusive Yoga program for all ages. Our Educators have undertaken Yoga implementation training to embed the phisical, mental and breathing tecniques within daily practices.
  • Cooking Experiences are delivered in all classes on a rotating basis by our Children's Cook to teach children important life skills and healthy food choices.
  • Owlbert's Gardening Program was introduced in 2019 to take children from paddock to plate. Children will follow the whole home economic cycle as they plant, cultivate, harvest and cook with produce they've grown themselves. The program also includes climate and weather learning outcomes.
  • Music plays a big role in our everyday lives, engaging children with the world of rhythm and supporting gross motor skills and creativity. Our Educators use music throught the day to energise or calm.
  • Government Approved Kindergarten Program and educational programs developed through intentional teachings and children’s interests.
  • Before and After School Care with free pick up and drop off to local schools. We also provide Vacation Care during school holidays.

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20 - 36 Regency St, Kippa Ring Qld 4021
6.00am to 6.00pm
Jodie Lupton
Service Manager / Nominated Supervisor

Meet Jodie our Service Manager

Qualifications: Diploma in Children’s Services

I'm very proud of our programs and our environments here at Kippa Ring - Anzac Avenue. We foster a culture of working hand in hand with famililies to ensure the best outcomes for our happy healthy learners.