North Lakes - Flinders Parade

114 Flinders Parade, North Lakes, 4509
6.00am to 6.00pm

North Lakes - Flinders Parade is conveniently located in the booming North Lakes area just around the corner from Costco and Bunnings. Our indoor and outdoor environments have been carefully considered and implemented to support each child's needs. We're proud of our state of the art facilities and welcome you in to take a tour and meet our caring Educators.

Our families favourate features: 

  • A dedicated music room where Educators and children can create musical experiences through instruments, song and dance.
  • A library which features a floor to ceiling book shelf with a range of books for children of all ages.
  • Outside full size tool shed where child can use their creative skills to design and build.
  • Coffee lounge for parents to enjoy a coffee and treat from our kitchen.

We are open from 6am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and will feature all the Sesame Lane inclusive programs that our families love.

  • Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks are cooked fresh daily in the Service kitchen using locally sourced seasonal produce.
  • Free nappy and linen service for children under 2 years which includes disposable bamboo nappies along with bedding for nap time.
  • Intensive Swimming Lessons for Kindergarten children in term 1 and 4 and a dance program by Steps Dance Studio in term 2 and 3.
  • An exclusive Japanese program delivered by Senesi Kayo, a fully qualified Japanese Teacher who introduces the concept of Japan and brings the language to life through songs, cooking, craft and other cultural activities.
  • An inclusive Yoga program for all ages. Our Educators have undertaken Yoga implementation training to embed the physical, mental and breathing techniques within daily practices.
  • Cooking Experiences are delivered in all classes on a rotating basis by our Children's Cook to teach children important life skills and healthy food choices.
  • Owlbert's Garden Program takes children on a culinary journey from paddock to plate. Children will follow the whole home economic cycle as they plant, cultivate, harvest and cook with produce they've grown themselves. The program also includes climate and weather learning outcomes.
  • Music plays a big role in our everyday lives, engaging children with the world of rhythm and supporting gross motor skills and creativity. Our Educators use music throughout the day to energise or calm.
  • Government Approved Kindergarten Program and educational programs developed through intentional teachings and children’s interests.
  • Before and After School Care with free pick up and drop off for Bounty Boulevarde children.
  • Exciting Vacation Care Program for school children during school holidays.

We would love to take you on a private tour to experience the Sesame Lane difference. Call us to book a tour with our Service Manager on 1800 SESAME.

Our gallery

114 Flinders Parade, North Lakes, 4509
6.00am to 6.00pm
Karen Naylor
Service Manager

Qualifications: Certificate 111 in Children's Services, Diploma in Children's Services, Advance Diploma in Children's Services.

A little bit about me! Happiness, laughter, smiles and a little bit of magical craziness is the attitude that I arrive with each and every day. This enables me to inspire those around me, both young and old, to open up to happiness and learning on this amazing journey of adventure we call life!

I cherish the relationships that we build together, seeing children smile as they try new things and achieve their goals, listening to them laugh with their friends.  Hearing "good morning Miss Karen" as families arrive for the day and popping into my office for a chat to let me know what adventures they have been doing over the weekend. The best thing about my job is when I received that special cuddle to make my day filled with joy and happiness.

All children need to be motivated, excited, and encouraged to make their own choices of how they learn and develop skills that will last them a lifetime. Each day I am filled with fun, smiles and laughter and this in itself gives all children a sense of belonging in which allows them to become that special little helper, doctor, mechanic, hairdresser or whatever they want to be.

I was first introduced to the Early Childhood sector by a wonderful friend and mentor around 18 years ago.  I thank this wonderful friend so much for opening up the opportunity to engage and build lasting relationships with both the children and families. I have worked as an assistant with school age children through to helping children learn and develop their school readiness in the kindergarten room.  My leadership skills shone through and 16 years ago I accepted a position as a Centre Director. I have managed, mentored, supported and guided both the Educators and children to become confident and happy learners.

At North Lakes - Flinders Parade we provide children with positive learning spaces, engaging opportunities and give them a sense of being, becoming and belonging. By coming on this wonderful journey with us each child's ability to learn and thrive is enhanced. I look forward to meeing you and your family as you start your learning journey with us down Sesame Lane.